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Anuva Company Quick and Easy Change CV-Boot Kit

Cv-Joint Grease

Cv-Joint Grease

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Sta-Lube Constant Velocity (CV) Joint Grease SL3174-4 Wt. Oz. Tube, Extreme Pressure, Anti-Seize Grease

STA-Lube:  Sta-Lube constant velocity offers a range of high performance moly greases, gear oils, service oils, fluids, hand cleaners, additives, and lubrication formulas.  Highly efficient products have been rigorously tested to meet the highest quality standards.

CV-Joint Grease:  A lithium-based grease that is fortified with molybdenum disulfide and polymers, used for installation and repair work on CV joints.

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE:  Designed to survive the stress and shock loads encountered in CV joints and extend the life of the CV joint.

APPLICATION:  The moly grease is perfect for the use in CV joint installation and maintenance, and is safe for both domestic and import CV joints.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:  This product is available in a 4 wt oz. tube.

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