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I started Anuva company because of a little car trouble.  With my many years as an airplane mechanic, I was able to troubleshoot the problem being a damaged cv boot.  But even with my experience, I was reluctant to take on the task of replacing my vehicle's cv boot, just the effort to take apart an axle didn't appeal to me.  When taking my car to a mechanic, I was quoted upwards of $400 for parts and labor for only one side.  To replace both sides $800.

I wanted to make it easier to replace a cv boot.  That's when I invented the Quick and Easy Change CV Boot replacement Kit.  Unlike a traditional cv boot, the Quick and Easy Change CV Boot is split on one side to allow for the easy replacement without dismantling the axle.  The patented overlapping design cv boot is different from other cv boots that claim to do the same, it allows for an overlap that can be sized to fit any vehicle.  When glued (glue provided in kit) together and clamped to joint, the cv boot is just as strong as the original.

USA Patent Design : US D543,907 S

Anuva Company

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