Replace your car's damaged CV-boot

Quick and Easy Change CV-boot kit makes it easy to change your CV-boot in 30 minutes.  

Included in Kit

USA PATENTED overlapping CV-Boot

- Small and large CV-Boot clamps

- Small and large zip ties

- Tube of adhesive

- Automotive joint grease

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Why choose Quick & Easy Change CV-Boot Kit

  • Purchase Kit Online

    Quick & Easy Change CV-boot kit is a one size fits all CV-boot.  Each kit includes everything you need to replace one CV-boot.

  • Install Yourself

    The Quick & Easy Change CV-boot kit is designed so you are able to replace the damaged boot on your own. USA PATENTED DESIGN

  • Save Money

    For only a fraction of the cost, get your car up and running.  Don't pay for hours of labor costs to completely remove an axle.

See how easy it can be to change your cv-boot



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